how does 4G broadband work?

Our 4G broadband system is designed to work in places where normal methods aren't available or aren't adequate. As 4G covers 99% of the UK this makes for a perfect solution to poor broadband in rural and poor connection areas. We are the highest rated local 4G provider and we have provided many rural communities in Kent with fast and stable broadband.


The Internet
Connection to the internet is provided by a 4G SIM card. This could be EE, Vodafone, O2 or Three - whichever works best where you are.

4G Mast

4G Mast
This transmits the internet to your 4G router. We find the closest mast to you and which carrier is transmitting from it - this will get you the best internet connection possible. 

Home or Business

Your Home or Premises
An externally mounted Baxtech high gain antenna will stabilise and strengthen the 4G signal - the antenna connects to a 4G router which transmits a WiFi signal around your home or business, ready for you to connect any device.

"5 stars to Baxtech for finally giving us a usable internet service. We live in a rural area and have struggled for years to do even the simplest of tasks on our computers/laptops/phones etc."..

5 stars to Baxtech

does 4G broadband work in rural areas?

Our 4G Broadband system was designed to work in rural areas around Kent. We use a 10 dBi high gain antenna to pick up the maximum signal rural you are. The antenna is designed using the latest 4G technologies to maximise bandwidth coming down to your router and out into your house. Being a high gain antenna, when installed in the right position you will see a major boost in download speeds compared to your average 4G device. With a majority of our customers suffering with a poor broadband in rural areas we have gained a lot of expertise in rural 4G broadband.

low latency wireless broadband

Our 4G Broadband is a fast, low latency wireless broadband solution. Latency (or ping) is the amount of time it takes for a packet of information to communicate between your network and the wider internet. The average ping for our with our 4G Broadband system is around 30ms. When compared to the higher ping of a satellite internet system which is around 500-700ms you'll notice a massive difference when loading webpages, using internet video or voice calling or gaming. 

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how fast is 4G broadband?

We have seen download speeds of up to 200Mbps!

Both our routers and our dual-polarised antenna support the latest 4G+ technologies. 4G+ allows for your device to connect to 4G bands providing download speeds of up to 300Mpbs! Speeds vary from location to location depending on specific environmental factors. The best speeds we have seen personally is up to 200Mbps using our 4G Broadband system- which is the equivalent of a mid-tier 5G connection and way past the national average wired broadband speed of 25Mbps. We rarely see speeds below 30Mbps.

Networking services

whole home WiFi and networking

Once your new 4G broadband system has been installed you are going to want to ensure you are getting your new fast download speeds to every corner of your property. We provide multiple wired and wireless whole home WiFi networking solutions. We we talk you through all your options during our site survey or you can find out more on our Home and Business Networking page.

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