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Our mission is to connect our customers to the modern era of technology, and to create a like minded community along the way. Our 4G devices allow our customers to connect to the internet in rural and poor connection areas. Whether it's keeping an eye on your livelyhood with one of our 4G cameras or keeping the kids occupied with one of our 4G Broadband systems - we can keep you connected. 


Jack Baxter

Jack has 6 years experience working in IT support, networking and infrastructure before retraining as a qualified Electrician. Coming from a 5th generation farming family and growing up in a rural area in Kent he came face to face with the UK's slacking internet infrastructure. Combining his experience and knowledge Baxtech 4G Networks was born to help keep rural folk connected.

our community

As we grow as a business, we want to share our experience with you, and we want you to share your experience in return. What better place to do so than Facebook?

Our community is a place you can ask others for advice, share stories, photos and get to know like-minded people.

We are very active in the community, offering free technical support on our products, exclusive discount codes and regularly posting Baxtech updates.

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