rural security camera installation

Baxtech 4G Networks installs a variety of different CCTV systems depending on your needs. We have rural options that do not need mains power or WiFi which can be used on large yards, fields and any other remote location. We also install whole property camera systems so you can keep an eye on what's important.

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We understand the obstacles rural life brings and we're happy to work with your requirements for the security camera system you need. We recommend you get in contact with your specifications, no matter how bespoke or simple, and we'll provide a free quote.

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off-grid security

Baxtech 4G Networks brand of security cameras, RuralView, are made for rural security and monitoring. Our cameras provide all the features you'd expect from a rural security camera. Whether you have no power or no WiFi or both - we can provide a reliable solution using solar and 4G that will allow you live stream from anywhere. We do not exclusively install our own brand of cameras and are happy to work with your aesthetic and needs.

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farm and livestock monitoring

With livestreaming, pan, tilt, zoom and night vision we can set you up with the perfect livestock monitoring system. Keep an eye on your livestock and animals 24/7 from any location. We install cameras that have up to 40x zoom and 80m of night vision giving you a clear view at any time.

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full property CCTV systems

Whether it's your home or business, full property CCTV systems are considered one of the best ways to protect your property. Being able to open an app from anywhere and see what's going on can really give you peace of mind. We install cameras that will monitor your home and business 24/7, sending instant activity alerts and recordings straight to your phone. We advise on what cameras and brands will work best for your specific situation

what cameras do we install?

With a large variety of cameras on the market, we work with your needs and aesthetic to find cameras to fit. We've outlined some capabilities below.

4G Versions

No WiFi required. Connect your camera using 4G.


View your cameras from any device, anywhere.

Night Vision

Up to 120m infrared with colour night vision available.


Up to 40x optical zoom.


Get instant alerts when your camera detects movement.


Two-way audio to communicate.

Pan and tilt

Automatic human tracking on pan and tilt cameras.


All of our installations come with one year warranty.

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