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We provide multiple WiFi and network services across Kent. We use the leading networking brands on the market to provide a top rated service to our customers in Kent. We have offer a multitude of wired and wireless services and products that unlock the full potential of home and business networks.

network extension

If you suffer with poor WiFi signal around your home or business, we offer multiple solutions to extend your WiFi and network. We use the leading networking brands on the market to get your network where you need it. There are many options using wired and wireless device to get rid of your WiFi blackspots - swipe through some below!

Home and business network and WiFi extension

point-to-point network extension 

Point-to-point wireless extension

Point-to-point networks use a wireless signal between two antennas to extend a network from 1m to 15km. This is a great alternative from running a wire to an out building, shed or garage. Or even extending your home network to a farm yard or office. The system requires line of sight from one antenna to the other.

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Top rated aftercare

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Money Back Guarantee

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