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Baxtech 4G Networks provide multiple WiFi and network installation services across rural Kent. Using a variety of wired and wireless networking equipment, we can get you an internet connection where you need it. Whether that's a barn, office, outbuilding, stables we can get you up and running.

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We understand the obstacles rural life brings and we're happy to work with your requirements for network & WiFi solution you require. We recommend you get in contact with your specifications, no matter how bespoke or simple, and we'll provide a free quote.

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we can help you solve the following:

• Long range WiFi extensions to outbuildings, barns, stables, offices
• WiFi black spots around your property
• Device connectivity issues
• Poor or no WiFi outdoors
• Running in data cables 
• Business networking
• Internet dropping out
• Slow WiFi speeds

suffer with slow broadband speeds?

Better WiFi coverage can only only help to a certain extent. If your broadband line coming into your property isn't up to speed you will still struggle. If you have slow broadband coming into your property you will be interested in our rural 4G broadband service.

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point-to-point network extension 

Point-to-point networks use a wireless signal between two antennas to extend a network up to 15km away. This is a great alternative to running a wire to an outbuilding, shed, barn, farm yard or office. You can create a wireless network over large area with minimal disruption. The system requires line of sight from one antenna to the other. There are minimal losses in speeds and latency.

Point-to-point wireless extension

WiFi extension

We use multiple different methods to extend WiFi around your business or property. There are a variety of different brands that use wireless and wired methods. We advise on exactly what you need to get the most out of your network.

why us?

WiFi Router

High quality networking equipment using top brands

Bespoke newtorks

Bespoke rural networking and WiFi designs to meet your needs

Top rated aftercare

Top rated aftercare

Money back guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

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