Thirwell Farm Drone Photogrammetry

Job Details

Location: Thirwell Farm, Drove Lane, Hernhill, Faversham, ME13 9ER
Area photographed: 24.79 acres
Altitude flown: 70m
Images processed:  367
Output size: 12237 x 20837 @ 0.96 inch/pixel


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Volumetric Measurements

Pile 1:

Calculated volume: 7224.77m3
Maximum height: 16.53m
Area of measurement: 2807.75m2
Estimated weight*: 9392.2 tonne

Pile 2:

Calculated volume: 1099.52m3
Maximum height: 13.01m
Area of measurement: 825.05m2
Estimated weight*: 1429.37 tonne

Pile 3:

Calculated volume: 3493.45m3
Maximum height: 16.78m
Area of measurement: 1335.51m2
Estimated weight*: 4541.48 tonne

Pile 4:

Calculated volume: 1184.37m3
Maximum height: 13.53m
Area of measurement: 716.23m2
Estimated weight*:  1539.68 tonne

Pile 5:

Calculated volume: 17083.55m3
Maximum height: 18.82m
Area of measurement: 4525.56m2
Estimated weight*: 22208.62 tonne

* Weight estimated presuming 1.3 tonne per cubic metre. 

3D Map

Full screen view here.