Deposit Terms and Condition

Speed Promise Money Back Guarantee

▸*If we cannot achieve a higher download speed than your current broadband or 10Mbps (whichever is lowest) a full refund will be provided for the price of site survey.
▸If customer leaves deposit for a system and download speed is lower than current broadband download speed or 10Mbps (whichever is lowest) a refund for site survey will not be provided but deposit will be held and survey price will still be deducted from final purchase price of chosen 4G system.
▸4G speeds vary day to day, therefore only the speed tests recorded on the day of the site survey will be valid in the Speed Promise Money Back Guarantee.
▸We try to be fair with our Speed Promise Money Back Guarantee. If we record 2 consecutive speed tests more than or equal to your current broadband download speed or 15Mbps, whichever is lowest, refund will not be provided. Speeds can fluctuate, especially in poor signal areas and we will take this into consideration.


▸Our 4G Broadband Installation Service is only available in Kent, refund will provided if we do not cover your area.
▸We aim to visit within 2 weeks of customer leaving deposit, however during busier periods this can be longer.
▸We aim to contact you within 2 working days to begin the process of booking a site survey, however this can be longer during busier periods.
▸Customer must provide the address of the location where site survey is to be carried out. This can be done during the checkout process, or by emailing us after you have placed the order.
▸If Baxtech 4G Networks arrives on site and no is on site or available (without any prior notice), customer will have to rebook a survey and will not be refunded. We always send our customers reminders the day of the survey, so this shouldn't be a problem.
▸4G broadband sytem must be purchased within 6 weeks of site survey for deposit to be deducted from the 4G broadband final install price. If purchased after 6 weeks, deposit will not be refunded nor will it be deducted from any 4G system purchased in the future.

Refund policy

▸Customer can request a refund at any point during the ordering process unless the site survey has been been completed.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us.