Rent-a-Router set up

Router set up

Home and Office
Plug your router in to mains power and turn on. The device is preconfigured and ready to connect to. It may take a minute of so for the router to boot up. Ensure you attach provided antennas securely.

Turn device on using the on button on the side of the device. The device will take a few moments to boot up. We cannot ensure the device has full battery upon delivery therefore the device may need charging using the supplied USB lead.

Connect all your devices and enjoy unlimited internet using the username and password card supplied.

You need to return your device the day after your rental period finishes. Going to be late returning - let us know. You may be liable to pay late fees as outlined in our terms and conditions.

Home and Office
When your rental period is up, you have 1 day to drop-off your device at a Hermes drop-off point. Please use the pre-paid postage label and bag that comes with your router. 

When your rental period is up, you have one day to post your device at any Post Office or and Royal Mail post box. Please use the envelope and postage label provided in your parcel. 


You may need to find the position where the router works best. We recommend downloading a speed test app from the app store. Try moving the router to different locations around your property and running a speed test to see which location works best. You can also the signal using the signal bars as shown on the device.
Please DO NOT reset the router. Doing so will wipe preconfigured settings and may affect the routers performance.

speed test app